Stupid Over Cupid may be the 15th bout of the collection. It broadcast on Teletoon in Canada as well as on anime circle in the United States

Stupid Over Cupid may be the 15th bout of the collection. It broadcast on Teletoon in Canada as well as on anime circle in the United States

Nikki, tired of the fuss over romantic days celebration, chooses that she’s going to invest this Valentine’s Day without a date. Meanwhile, Wyatt highlights out about their upcoming date with Serena, and Jonesy auctions himself down as a date.


  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Principal Land
    • 1.2 Sub-Plot One: Wyatt’s Big Date
    • 1.3 Sub-Plot Two: Auctioning Away Jonesy
  • 3 Trivia
    • 3.1 Records
    • 3.2 Errors
    • 3.3 event connectivity
    • 3.4 societal references
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Important Storyline

Jude are functioning at put it when Jonesy arrives with a collection of heart-shaped containers and initiate filling up them with meats. Jude at first questions Jonesy as to the function of this action, however when Jonesy reveals that folks purchase everything on Valentine’s Day provided it’s in a heart-shaped package, and demonstrates their aim by offering a package of beef to a cowboy, Jude try quickly onboard with Jonesy’s program. Quickly, Jude are concentrating on his own interpretations, as whenever cowboy comes home to grumble, Jude fibs that chicken will be the newer pattern in gift-giving and sells the cowboy a meat bouquet for $30.

Later on, Jonesy and Jude join up with the rest regarding pals from the large Squeeze. Truth be told there, Wyatt reveals their huge ideas for the nights to his family: flora, chocolates, and a date at ultra excellent Happy Sushi. While Jen and Caitlin were satisfied, Jonesy and Nikki are much less very, because they think he’s making use of every cliche from inside the book on Serena. However, soon the topic of discussion are steered to some other day, as Jonesy asks out Nikki simply to become rejected because Nikki refuses to date on romantic days celebration more due to creating unnecessary terrible encounters. Thus, she intentions to go out with Jen and Caitlin on Valentine’s Day–a plan that Jen and Caitlin are desperate to dump in the basic probability of them obtaining schedules.

Sadly for Jen and Caitlin, no one has an interest included, from rugby members to Greeter Gods. At some point, they find themselves fighting over Darth, and while doing this experience an instant of clarity in which they recognize that getting together with Nikki try much more advanced than going out with Darth. However, neither ones are ready to go dateless, once Jen pops up with a concept to get all of them a night out together for this evening, Caitlin is also pleased to stick to alongside Jen’s program. As a result, Caitlin fakes fainting before twist This, even though most people are sidetracked, Jen sneaks to the shop and takes a Jason standee to use as their day.

When Nikki sees their own time, she’s in the beginning skeptical until Caitlin explains that despite getting made from cardboard, Jason was precious, available, and extremely unlikely to express everything foolish. Nikki concedes these information, and soon the trio are gathered around the desk, gorging on unhealthy foods and taking pleasure in themselves. To leading every thing down, the night becomes better yet whenever Jonesy gets hopeless while he’s caught between three horrible schedules, allowing the girls to view his frustration until Jonesy stops working and pleads Nikki to get him.

Nikki agrees to achieve this on terms and conditions beneficial to their, and very quickly the group has Jonesy as his or her go out. As a result, Jonesy is pressured by his female company to accomplish everything they demand, and spends the evening in servitude towards all of them. Despite Jonesy hating the date, though, the three women celebrate, and Nikki acknowledges a day later that she got a good time on Valentine’s Day–even if she actually is not happy to hug Jonesy because of it.

Sub-Plot One: Wyatt’s Time

Wyatt try working at twist your when he knocks over a collection of CD cases. While bent up to get them, he is concealed through the rest of the shop by a counter, and overhears Serena talking to Charmaine regarding how she hates soft Valentine’s schedules. Upon reading this, Wyatt cancels the programs the guy made until a discussion with Caitlin and Jen implies to him that Serena was lying for Charmaine’s advantages.

Wyatt subsequently frantically operates to attempt to have their reservations back once again, but does not have any achievements. However, whenever Serena requires him for any term of a musical organization he played that she enjoyed, he will get an idea, once day opportunity rolls around he gets Serena something special: a combination CD consists of tunes from lots of the rings he plays that she wants. Serena are pleased by this current, in addition they go to posses a good, pressure-free go out on Valentine’s Day.

Sub-Plot Two: Auctioning Away Jonesy

Whenever Nikki does not want to day your, Jonesy chooses to instead auction himself down as a romantic days celebration time to your greatest buyer. Eventually, he’s acquiring hit on by the likes of Blonde trend Girl and tasty Mummy, and is also appreciating themselves up until a dateless Julie appears and places a bid of $55, vaulting the woman to the top in the area. Upon seeing this, Jonesy actually starts to worry about the sort of female he might entice, and his awesome concerns merely deepen when a male cowboy puts a bid too, while he never given that sole people had been eligible bidders.

Shortly, the field have narrowed to simply two bidders: Julie together with cowboy. As it becomes more most likely he’ll have to go aside with either Julie or a man, Jonesy grows more eager, but places salvation in the face of a fairly female whoever name he does not learn. Unfortuitously for Jonesy, she understands him, because they went on a romantic date as soon as, and the guy never labeled as the girl straight back. This woman puts a bid, but this lady objective is to obtain payback on Jonesy.

Without choice kept, Jonesy offers with Nikki so that she’s going to get him. Nikki sooner or later believes, but pulls a pair of concessions out-of your: first of all, Nikki won’t have to cover the purchase price she leaves straight down, and furthermore, Jonesy can do anything Nikki commands for the remainder of the evening. Jonesy agrees these types of conditions, and Nikki walks more and places a worthless quote of $20,000, winning the girl Jonesy’s service for evening–services which she, Jen, and Caitlin make best use of.

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